Harley-Davidson, recall for some Touring models

 A clutch pump problem could cause trouble on the Harley-Davidson models in the Touring range.

The Milwaukee house, which has announced the recall, communicates in a note the procedure to be performed to understand if the bike is affected or not by the problem. The repair, which will last less than two hours in official dealerships, will be at no cost   

Harley friction problems

Harley-Davidson communicates in a note a problem concerning the hydraulic clutch system of some models of the year 2014 and 2015 of the Touring range, in particular for FLHTCU, FLHTCU TC, FLHTCUL, FLHTCUL TC, FLHTK, FLHTKL, FLHTP, FLHX, FLHXS , FLTRX, FLTRXS, FLHRSE, FLHXSE.
The defect communicated by the American manufacturer would concern, in detail, the hydraulic clutch systems with the numbers 36700056 and 36700049: in the event that the motorcycle was parked - or stopped - for some time, the pump could in fact have lost the ability to generate enough power to “release” the clutch. Clearly, HD says, if such a condition were to remain unnoticed, it could lead to the loss of control of the vehicle during the gear shift, with consequent risks for the driver. For this reason, it is important for owners who have not yet carried out the necessary repair under recall of the model, to check the condition of the motorcycle before any ride through the procedure described below.
First of all, it should be remembered that a fully charged battery provides more accurate and accurate results for the pre-ride test:
1. Make sure the bike has free space in front of it.
2. Enter the first gear.
3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position
4. Turn the Run / Off switch to the "Run" position and pull both brakes.
5. Pull the clutch lever and keep it pulled.
6. Start the starter motor by pressing the start button.
At this point, the situations that could arise are different. If the engine does not start, the motorcycle has the recall condition: in this case it is advisable to transport it (by truck or trailer) to your dealer for repair, but it is also possible, if you prefer, to contact the dealer and take arrangements for withdrawal.
In the event that the engine should start normally, once warmed up, gradually release the brakes: if, despite the clutch pulled up to the grip, the bike should trip forward, even in this case you are in front of a vehicle in need of assistance; contact the dealer immediately and agree to repair it.
Finally, if the engine is running and the clutch is pulled, when the brakes are released, the motorcycle does not trip forward, it means that the vehicle does not expose the recall condition for the moment.
However, underlines Harley-Davidson, it is absolutely necessary, even in the event that the bike does not initially present the problem, carry out the repair: by contacting an authorized dealer, the repair can be carried out in about two hours and, obviously, without any knowledge for the vehicle owner.


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