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Koso DB01-RN Multifunction Digital Speedometer

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Koso DB01-RN Multifunction Digital Speedometer

With this speedometer we have successfully improved our DB-01R and our DB-01R + series.
The modern shape and the bright display allow the perfect staging of all the necessary information.
The speedometer was designed as a handlebar speedometer and is the newest and most modern member of the DB series.
Of course, the new model is also E-approved and ABE-certified for Germany.

-Display range: 0-360km / h (0-225MPH).

Total odometer:
-Display range: 00000,0 - 99999,9 km (mile);
-Automatic reset after 99999,9 km (mile).

Daily Odometer A / B:
-Display range: 000,0 - 999,9 km (mile);
-Automatic reset after 999,9 km (mile).

Maximum speed recording:
-Display range: 30 - 360km / h (19-225MPH).

Tire circumference adjustment:
-Setting range: 300-2500mm;
-Sensor points: 1-20.

Speed ​​Adjustment:
-Setting range: 0.5, 1, 2, ... -25.

Average recording speed:
- Recording range: 0-360km / h (0-225MPH).

Display range: 0-15000 rpm;
Unit: 10 rpm setting.

Speed ​​range:
-Display range: 0-10000rpm, 0-12000rpm, 0-15000rpm.

-Length 120 mm x Depth 20 mm x Height 50 mm.

Level indicator:
-Setting range: 100 ohm, 250 ohm, 270 ohm, 510 ohm, 1200 ohm, user.

Level indicator in the level:
- Setting range: 10 levels.

- Warning settings: when the fuel level is lower than the setting value, the symbol starts flashing;
-Setting range when the filling level is too low between 10 and 50%, when the petrol level is lower than the setting value, the symbol starts flashing white backlight, 5 times dimmable;
- Total operating timer;
- Display range: 0,0 - 99999,9h;
- Unit: 0,1h.

A / B operation timer:
- Display range: 0,0 - 9999,9h;
- Unit: 0,1h;

Clock (format):
- Setting range: 12h / 24h.

-Setting range: 0:00 - 23:59 (24h) / 1: 00 - 12:59 (AM / PM) (12h).

- Setting range: DC 8.0V - 16.0V.

Set the oil change intervals:
-Units: metric and imperial display range: adjustable between 8000 - -900 km;
- Automatically counts down as mileage increases. From 0 km the light flashes and the device counts down to -999 km;
-JIS standards.
Note: The speedometer comes with an active sensor. Therefore, no magnet attachment is required.

Package Contents: Complete mounting material included.
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